West Kirkland Highlights Results and Potential of Gold Mountain Target to Add Ounces to Permitted Heap Leach Plans for Hasbrouck Project, Tonopah, Nevada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 17, 2018West Kirkland Mining Inc. (WKM:TSXV) (“West Kirkland”, “WKM” or the “Company”) reports that recent results from underground channel sampling in historic gold mining adits, shallow air-track drilling and compilation in 3D of historic drilling with WKM mapping has highlighted potential for additional gold resources on the district-scale land position controlled by the Company near Tonopah, Nevada. WKM controls 75% interest and operates the Hasbrouck gold project with 762,000 ounces of proven and probable reserves (45,270,000 tons at 0.6 Au g/t; 8.0 Ag g/t for 10,569,000 contained Ag ounces) and has a 100% option interest in the Gold Mountain area which is the subject of recent exploration.

WKM sees good potential for further drilling to outline an area for open pit potential, rather than the previous historic underground mining method, as well as along strike from the occurrence being tested. The objective of a further drill program would be to add reserves that could be trucked to the planned Three Hills pit and permitted heap-leach pad area. The new gold zone is on historic patents partly in an area already disturbed by mining, simplifying permitting work required for mining and trucking.

R. Michael Jones said, “We are very excited about the potential to add to early ounces from at-surface mineralization located near the Hasbrouck Project. The strong project economics, (NPV5 Post Tax estimated at US$120M, IRR 43% (US$1,275/oz Au) (Technical Report and Updated Preliminary Feasibility Study for The Hasbrouck and Three Hills Gold-Silver ProjectEsmeralda County, Nevada, USA, Report Date: September 14, 2016) could be positively impacted by any incremental ounces added to the same project capital footprint.”


Underground channel sampling on historic gold veins from the early 1900’s completed by the company, after safely entering underground workings, has outlined grades of interest for modern heap leach extraction and open pit mining. The underground sampling provides sections approximately 90 feet (30 meters) vertically below surface on three levels across the mined veins and surrounding rock. The underground workings are flat adit tunnel drives that go into the hillside. The adit workings go along gold mineralized veins and cross-cut them. Although the workings drove along veins for up to 1,800 feet (550 meters) they were exploratory in nature and extracted only a small portion of the mineralized structures.  Historic literature references these workings as continuing 900 feet (274 meters) at levels below ground level but these deeper levels were not accessed by WKM.

The underground workings and mineralization correlates well with surface channels and drilling by WKM.  The shallow low-cost drilling by WKM did not cross-cut the whole zone as outlined below. Historic drilling that undercut the workings more fully provides good grade and position correlation.

2018 Underground Composite 20' Rock Chips – Adit Area  
Adit Level Length (ft) Length (m) Au Grade (g/t) Orientation
6347 Level 140 42.7 0.69 Across strike
6300 Level 160 48.8 0.86 Across strike
6300 Level 120 36.6 0.25 Across strike
6260 Level 120 36.6 0.14 Across strike
6260 Level 80 24.4 0.64 Across strike


WKM completed four air-track (rotary air-blast hole type drill) holes in the Adit Area. This drilling method is in-expensive and has limited depth penetration capabilities but the objective of getting some sense of vertical values where surface channel samples returned gold values was achieved. The holes provide results with grades similar to the company reserves in the region and demonstrated potential consistent with the underground and surface sampling.

One hole had results that indicated it was beyond the Adit Area gold-bearing structures.

Follow-up with a larger reverse-circulation drill and 3 or 4 holes will be required to fully assess the grade and width profile in the Adit Area. Detailed mapping and surface gold values provide a clear target area.

Drillhole Interval (ft) Interval (m) Au Grade (g/t) From (ft) From (m) Comments TD (ft) TD (m)
GM18RB-AA02 60 18.3 0.77 Surface Surface Full width of veins not tested 75 22.9
GM18RB-AA04 150 45.7 0.49 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 150 45.7
GM18RB-AA04A 30 9.1 0.40 Surface Surface Full width of veins not tested 35 10.7

* GM18RB-AA01 drilled to 95' (29m) but encountered no significant


Drilling by Falcon in the 1980s and Echo Bay in the 1990s provided results consistent with the results from underground sampling by WKM both in grade and position of the mineralized structures.

The overall target area into the hill-side of the Gold Mountain Adit area to the west and towards the Divide Lode to the east provides a target area of approximately 600 feet (180 meters) along strike, 600 feet (180 meters) vertically and 150 feet wide (50 meters).

Drilling Interval (ft) Interval (m) Au Grade (g/t) From (ft) From (m) Comments TD (ft) TD (m) Company
DH135/C1 40 12.2 1.19 60 18.3 Bottomed in mineralisation 100 30.5 Falcon
CTC2 10 3.0 0.26 40 12.2   60 18.3 Falcon
C2-45 145 44.2 0.72 Surface Surface   150 45.7 Falcon
C2-70 150 45.7 0.22 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 150 45.7 Falcon
C3-45 150 45.7 0.65 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 150 45.7 Falcon
C3-70 70 21.3 0.44 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 150 45.7 Falcon
20 6.1 0.33 130 39.6
C4 40 12.2 0.21 90 27.4   150 45.7 Falcon
C5-45 65 19.8 0.30 Surface Surface   150 45.7 Falcon
C6-70 90 27.4 0.24 Surface Surface   90 27.4 Falcon
G-3-1 15 4.6 0.29 45 13.7 Bottomed in mineralisation 60 18.3 Falcon
G-3-2 15 4.6 0.27 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 15 4.6 Falcon
G-4-2 45 13.7 0.35 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 45 13.7 Falcon
G-5-2 15 4.6 0.64 Surface Surface   40 12.2 Falcon
G-5-2A 15 4.6 0.39 Surface Surface   40 12.2 Falcon
GM-01-90 135 41.1 0.43 Surface Surface   345 105.2 Echo Bay
GM-05-90 160 48.8 1.04 450 137.2   635 193.5 Echo Bay
GM-07-90 170 51.8 0.58 Surface Surface   445 135.6 Echo Bay


Surface sampling in the Adit area is consistent with the structures and width in underground sampling and drilling. There may be some surface enrichment of grades.

Traverse Interval (ft) Interval (m) Au Grade (g/t) Description
SP-01 140 42.7 4.32 Across strike
Roadcut 4 220 67.1 0.88 Along strike of Adit Area Prospect structures
NP-01 140 42.7 2.14 Along strike of fracture zone into drillhole GM-09-90
AA-01 120 36.6 0.75 Across strike.  Falcon Pit Bench IV
AA-04 60 18.3 1.23 Across strike
AA-05 60 18.3 1.98 Across strike


Surface sampling has outlined a clear exploration target along strike from the Adit Area. Unfortunately, the low-cost air-track drill could not drill deep enough to effectively test this area, resulting in a number of holes ending in gold mineralization. Initial drill results provide targets for more drilling and indicate that surface sampling may provide grades higher than below the current surface. More drilling is required. The Gold Mountain area is close enough to the Company reserves that similar grades to the reserves would be of interest for processing on the permitted heap leach pads in the Company’s current mine plans and capital foot print.

Drillhole Interval (ft) Interval (m) Au Grade (g/t) From (ft) From (m) Comments TD (ft) TD (m)
GM18RB-GZ03 35 10.7 0.47 Surface Surface   80 24.4
GM18RB-GZ04 15 4.6 0.83 10' 3 Bottomed in mineralisation 25 7.6
GM18RB-GZ06 80 24.4 0.27 Surface Surface Bottomed in mineralisation 80 24.4
GM18RB-GZ07 35 10.7 0.52 35' 10.7 Bottomed in mineralisation 70 21.3

* GM18RB-GZ01 drilled to 150' (46m) but encountered no significant intercepts
** GM18RB-GZ04A, GM18RB-GZ05, GM18RB-GZ09 and GM18RB-GZ09A were not completed due to lost circulation

Drillhole Interval (ft) Interval (m) Au Grade (g/t) From (ft) From (m) Comments TD (ft) TD (m)
GM18RB-SR01 55 16.8 0.40 Surface Surface   150 45.7


WKM is designing a follow-up drill program based on the positive results obtained, with a focus on adding to the 3D model in the Adit Area and along strike for open pit resources and reserves.


The Hasbrouck Gold Project contains Proven & Probable Reserves of 784,000 gold equivalent oz, (45,270,000 tons at 0.58 Au g/t for 762,000 contained Au oz; 7.99 Ag g/t for 10,569,000 contained Ag ounces. NPV5 Post Tax (US$1,275/oz Au) estimated at US$120M, IRR 43% (Technical Report and Updated Preliminary Feasibility Study for The Hasbrouck and Three Hills Gold-Silver Project, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA, Report Date: September 14, 2016).


R. Michael Jones P.Eng., CEO of West Kirkland Mining, is a non-independent Qualified Person (“QP”) as defined by NI 43-101. He has reviewed the information contained in this news release and has verified the data by hiring qualified geologists and engineers and has completed a review of the detailed technical information. Mineral Reserve information in this news release relating to the Hasbrouck Gold Project has been developed and approved by Thomas L. Dyer, P.E., of MDA following CIM standards. Historic information does not have a chain of custody and is accepted by the QP for exploration target work.


West Kirkland Mining Inc. utilizes a well-documented system of inserting blanks and standards into the assay stream and has a strict chain of custody for samples taken by the Company.  Assays by the Company are completed at independent laboratories which have internal quality assurance and quality control systems and procedures.  Assays were performed by ALS Chemex Labs Ltd., by fire assay and ICP methods.

On behalf of West Kirkland Mining Inc.
R. Michael Jones
Chief Executive Officer

For further information, please see the Company’s website at www.wkmining.com or contact us by email at [email protected].

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